What to Read While You Wait for Season 2 of Bridgerton

Netflix’s Bridgerton is returning to production in Spring 2021 and we’re so excited to find out what our favorite characters are up to in Season 2! In the meantime, we’ve pulled together a list of must-read historical romance series to keep you thoroughly entertained while you wait.



The Cavensham Heiresses series by Janna MacGregor

If you eagerly awaited Lady Whistledown’s juicy gossip, look to the pages of the Midnight Cryer for more society scandals. In Janna MacGregor’s smart and beautifully written Cavensham Heiresses series marriage comes first…but can these couples find love along the way?

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The Bow Street Bachelors series by Kate Bateman

If you live for delicious banter and stolen moments, you’ll love Kate Bateman’s Bow Street Bachelors. This fun and flirty series follows the men who work undercover for London’s first official police force and have an obligation to serve the city’s best interests—even while they’re falling for the city’s most alluring women…

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The Devil You Know series by Kerrigan Byrne

If you loved that library scene, get ready for Kerrigan Byrne’s Devil You Know series! With equal parts passion and emotion, the books follow three boarding school friends who share in common their stunning shades of red hair, a fierce independence, and a secret that could ruin them in the eyes of society. When three dark and dangerous men enter their lives, love changes everything. 

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The Debutante Diaries series by Anna Bennett

If you’re still waiting for an invitation to your first ball, you’ll love following the trials, tribulations, and heart-pounding moments of courtship in Anna Bennett’s The Debutante Diaries! The series follows an heiress who must marry, a vivacious woman with amnesia, and a proper young lady with a scandalous secretand the remarkable men who will capture their hearts. 

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The Scandalous Brides series by Suzanne Enoch

If you loved watching a partnership turn passionate, check out the Scandalous Brides series by Suzanne Enoch! Four brides will meet four tantalizing lords, each capable of making his lady’s blood boiland her body burn with desire.

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The First Comes Love series by Amelia Grey

If you loved seeing a notorious rogue meet his match, you’ll root for the couples in Amelia Grey’s charming First Comes Love series about three young independent widows and the men who will try to win them over.

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The Unlikely Duchesses series by Olivia Drake

If you rooted for Daphne as she conquered the ton, don’t miss the spirited ladies of Olivia Drake’s compelling series. These fierce women outside the ton’s reach never expected to marry dukes, but they took society by storm to become The Unlikely Duchesses. 

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The Merriwell Sisters series by Virginia Heath

If you can’t resist a fake courtship, you won’t want to miss Virginia Heath’s historical rom-com series. It begins with a handsome earl who hires a fake fiancée to keep his matchmaking mother at bay, but hilarity ensues when love threatens to complicate everything.

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The Lords of Vice series by Alexandra Hawkins

If those ballroom scenes left you breathless, get swept away into the glittering ballrooms of London with Alexandra Hawkins’ Lords of Vice series. This is regency romance at its sexiest and most intriguing with handsome heroes and the beautiful women who bring them to their knees.

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The Christmas Rescue

“The Christmas Rescue” is an exclusive short story written by Lily Menon, Nancy Naigle, L. Penelope, and Farrah Rochon during our live episode of “Once Upon a Winter Ever After”! Rewatch the event here.

Simone felt watched. She peeked over her shoulder at the blonde-haired man who was building what looked like a snow Baby Yoda. Damn, it was good. He caught her looking and tossed her a smirk. It was a snow-person/character/creature-building contest, and whoever he was, he was SMOKING her. Dammit, dammit. Simone needed to win this contest. Whoever blondie was, he needed to get hit by a train. Or something less violent.

Simone turned back to her snow angel. Maybe it wasn’t as avant garde as blondie’s Baby Yoda, but it was a classic. It was traditional. It was…shit. In her anger at blondie, she’d made her angel’s face really…evil. It looked more like a snow demon, to be honest.

Simone patted the face, smoothing the snow out, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was blondie, now standing next to her, his hands on his hips as he surveyed her angel with a smile. Not a nice smile, either. “Do you need some help?” he asked. “Because it looks like you need some help.”

Simone glared at him. “No, thank you. I’m perfectly fine. And anyway, there’s a time limit, you know. Aren’t you worried your Baby Yoda will fail to impress? Don’t you have to make his ears bigger or something?”

Blondie laughed. “Actually, I’m all done.” He gestured behind him and dammit, he was right. His Baby Yoda was perfect. He turned back to her, grinning. “I’m Flynn, by the way.” He held out a mittened hand. 

Simone took it grudgingly. “Simone. Look, I really need to get back to this angel. So if you don’t mind…”

“Sure, I’ll help,” the clueless Flynn said, picking up a handful of snow that he then patted on top of her angel’s head.

Out of nowhere, a gusting wind blew through, grabbing Simone’s oversized scarf and wrapping itself around Flynn’s neck, essentially tying the two of them together. 

Simone gulped in the icy air. It wasn’t the scarf. No it definitely was not. It was Flynn warming her up at this moment. Wow. Her arms flew in a swimming motion as she scrambled to untangle herself from her hunky competition. 

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. Sure. I’ve just got to get this snow angel done. Are you trying to throw me off my game?”

“I was helping.”

She let out a sigh. She wasn’t convinced. She glanced up at the angel. Man, she still looked like she was snarling. She pulled the scarf from Flynn’s neck and then tiptoed to use it to sweep off the goofy face to start over, but as she reached she slipped, falling forward right into her creation!


“Simone!” Flynn reached for her hand, pulling her to her feet. They stood there staying at the angel sprawled out on the snow. “Sorry. How can we fix her?”

“Lordy goodness.” As if the ugly scouring look on her face hadn’t been bad enough, now she had to start over. “There’s no time.” She dropped her chin to her chest.

“I have an idea,” he said. “Come on. We’ll let her make snow angels. A snow angel making snow angels. That’ll work? Right? I mean she’s already laying down.”

“OMG! You’re a genius.” They both dropped to their knees scooping the snow from around the edges. 

“We’ve got this.” 

“If we get this done, hot chocolate is on me,” Simone said.

“I’m up for that. I’d be willing to share one with you,” he said leaning so close she could smell his cologne. 

“Yeah.” She swallowed hard. She had every intention of getting this done now.


With his help the snow angel was actually coming together, but was it good enough to win?

“Why are you helping me anyway, Flynn?” 

His eyebrows shot up like he was surprised she’d asked. “I can’t just do something nice? It’s the holidays, what about the holiday spirit?”

Simone frowned. “Helping the competition? Don’t you want to win this thing?” She had been so focused on this contest for the past few weeks, she couldn’t understand someone entering to not care about winning, especially with his level of talent.

She took another look at his Baby Yoda and even though her snow angel was no longer ruined, it still didn’t compare. 

“I like winning as much as the next person,” Flynn said, “but it was partially my fault that your angel was ruined.”

Simone looked at the other competitors and her mood sank. “This contest was my hope at winning enough money… Now it will be too late.”

“Too late for what?” Flynn asked.

“I’m not sure if I should tell you.” Simone decided that it wasn’t over yet and she hadn’t lost yet.

“Would your need to win have anything to do with the Holiday Kitten Rescue?”

She took a step back, looking up at him with shock. His blue eyes held a smile that took the bite off her surprise and growing unease. “You know about my kitten rescue organization?”

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and shrugged sheepishly. “I came across a flyer for the rescue a few weeks ago and went to your website. I know about all the work you’re doing to help the animals and I entered this competition once I saw on your blog that you would be here.”

Simone’s heart melted a little as he continued.

“You came here to meet me?”

A grin took over his face.

“So why is your snow sculpture so amazing? Especially if you know how much I need to win this thing?”

Just as he was about to answer the bell rang at the judge’s table. Simone thought about all those adorable kittens that had been abandoned on the side of the road. She just didn’t have the space to foster them and needed the prize money from this competition. But time was up and she wasn’t sure that her snow angel was up to par. 

She stood side by side with Flynn as the final gong sounded and the judging began.

Simone’s heart began to pound like the gong that had just signaled the end of the competition. As the trio of judges moved from one snow creation to the next she turned to Flynn.

“So you never answered my question. Why did you enter this competition?”

He gave her a casual shrug. “I needed something to get me into the holiday spirit. It’s been…a little…tough.”

Her heart sank at the sadness that drifted into his blue eyes. “Do you mind telling me why? I mean, I know we just met and all, but you did ruin my snow angel. I think I’m due an explanation.”

A shy smile tipped up one corner of his mouth. “Well, Peaches, the cat I’ve had since college, went across the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve been searching for a new one.

“Oh, Flynn.”

“It seemed meant to be that you would be here raising money for a kitten rescue.”

Just as she was about to say something about the perfect kitten she had in mind for him, a group of carolers strolled toward them belting out “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” 

When she heard “my true love…” Simone’s heart leapt. 

The judges came up to their two snow creations. It was evident from their reaction to Baby Yoda that Flynn’s creation would win the competition. When they presented him with the prize and check, he immediately handed it over to Simone. 

“This was my intention from the very beginning,” Flynn said. 

Simone clutched the check to her chest. “Thank you so much, Flynn! Now how about that hot chocolate I owe you?” 

Crashing Into Love

“Crashing Into Love” is an exclusive short story written by Darynda Jones, Kerrigan Byrne, Jayci Lee, Donna Grant, and Helena Hunting during our live episode of “Once Upon a Happily Ever After”! Rewatch the event here.

New hairstyle. New outfit. How bad can this be? Riley took in a deep breath. Her parents, always meddlesome, had set her up. But she was ready this time. The last time had ended up with spaghetti in her date’s lap, but surely today would go better.

She was empowered. She had this. This was the first day of the rest of her previously hot mess of a life. Sure her love life had suffered, but this was a new day.

She took her coffee from the street vendor. Just a little liquid courage before heading into the restaurant. Unfortunately, she turned and crashed face-first into a brick wall.

Blisteringly hot liquid stained her new blouse, but even that didn’t dampen her spirits. Mostly because the brick wall was wearing black. The dark elixir matched his Italian suit perfectly. It was a sign of good things to come.

She shook hot coffee off her hands, stepped back, and looked up into the eyes of Oliver, the only person on Earth who could skyrocket her insecurities.

“What are you doing here?”

“On Fifth Avenue?”

“On Earth. I was hoping you’d left.”

“Tell me your mother isn’t Joyce,” he begged with an eye roll that might have sprained his socket.

Riley wanted to cry because her mom, Joyce McTavish, had the kind of friends only Golden Girls dreamed of in Barb. And it was patently impossible that Barb could have spawned a douche weasel like Oliver Wells.

Sure, he was the size of a brick house with eyes the color of the baltic sea. And sure, his forearms were as thick as most biceps.

He’d featured in many of her silent fantasies as a teen.

But then he’d opened his mouth…

And his mouth was open now, which meant he was going to say something awful.

Riley’s eyes fixed on a spot behind him. Lucas. Her ex. Right there. About to see her with her white blouse splashed with hot coffee.

She stopped Oliver’s infuriating mouth the only way she could think of.

With her own.

As soon as her mouth met his, she remembered his mouth was open. Her tongue, with a mind of its own, gently prodded his. He should shove her away disgusted, but with a sound like huh he deepened the kiss and she melted against him. The brick wall had turned into a sandy beach warmed by the sun.

Riley suddenly came to her senses and stepped away from Oliver, breathing like she had run a marathon.

“Thank you for lending me your lips. I had good reason.”

“Would you care to share it?”


She was mortified, so she spun on her heels. Then realizing she was facing the opposite direction of the restaurant, she did another about face. Not embarrassing at all.

She stomped off, leaving Oliver standing in the middle of the street with an unreadable expression on his face. Riley went into the restaurant and headed straight for the restroom to try to somehow salvage her blouse. But one of the servers had the idea to head straight for the tables. She saw it happening in slow motion, but she couldn’t stop it.

The bowls and glasses shattered, and she slipped on some liquid and fell towards the shard scattered floor. She would’ve been a bloodied mess if a pair of strong arms didn’t catch her. Oliver.

“You alright?” he asked, looking deep into her eyes.

Riley didn’t like being so clumsy, especially around someone like Oliver. Why, why, why did it have to be him? Although, if she were honest, if someone had to save her, being in his strong arms was a pretty good thing.

She stared into his blue eyes remembering their kiss. It had been a diversion, but now, she found she wanted to taste his lips again.

“Riley?” he asked, a frown forming.

She blinked. “What?”

“Are you alright?”

Right. He had asked that. “Yeah. I’m good.”

“Really? Because you’re acting…not well.”

It was her turn to frown. Although, he was right. She was a hot mess, and there was no way to stop any of it.

He straightened, taking her with him. “I’m glad I caught you.”

“Me, too,” she whispered, her gaze going to his lips.

Damn. She really wanted to kiss him again. She rose up on her tiptoes and started to put her mouth on his.

Then, behind her someone said, “Your highness. We weren’t expecting you today.”

Riley blinked. Highness. Did she hear that right? She pulled back to see Oliver’s frown deepen as his lips twisted in frustration.

“Highness?” The thought in Riley’s head popped out of her mouth.

Oliver grimaced and glanced around, likely because her voice was higher and louder than it should be in a packed restaurant with so many people staring. There was also the issue of the shattered glass at their feet and the servers still standing around watching them.

“Yeah,” Oliver said with an awkward shrug, while still holding Riley around the waist. “I hope that isn’t going to be a problem.”

It was Riley’s turn to frown. They were frowning mirrors of each other. “A problem?”

Oliver moved her away from the broken glass and the spilled wine that Riley suddenly felt she could really use a glass or seven of right now.

When they were both free of danger, Oliver set her on her feet and dropped to one knee.

Riley was confused, especially when he pulled his key ring out of his pocket.

“Dammit,” he muttered and rummaged around in his Mary Poppins deep pocket and pulled out a small velvet box and flipped it open revealing a rock the size of her head. “Will you marry me?”